It’s safe to say that gin is fast becoming the nation’s favourite tipple, with the British public purchasing over 47 million bottles last year and more than 100 different brands available to buy. Here at Una Kitchen, we’ve expanded our gin portfolio showcasing some top quality British gins, of course including the best of the South West! 

We also believe wholeheartedly in the importance of top quality tonics when mixing our G&Ts and only stock Fever Tree mixers. Their tagline says it all – “If 3/4 of your Gin & Tonic is the tonic, make sure you use the best”. Their care and attention to creating the best flavours with all natural ingredients is clear, and the right tonic really does make your gin shine just that little bit brighter.

Here we’ve matched some of our favourite gins with their perfect tonic partners. Try them out when you’re next in, or ask us about matching another gin from our selection to it’s most complementary tonic.

Trevethan Cornish Gin & Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic

Norman Trevethan perfected this family recipe in the 1920s and little has changed since. Their gin is still handmade according to Norman’s recipe at their farm in Cornwall, using botanicals from all over the world, but highlighted with Cornish Elderflower and Gorse flower.

This floral gin, therefore, mixes with the subtle elderflower in the tonic for a refreshing summertime G&T (Cornish sunshine not guaranteed!).

Photo credit Trevethan Gin Facebook page.

Tarquin’s Cornish Gin & Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Fast becoming Cornwall’s favourite gin, Tarquin’s is unique in using Devon violets and describes the result as comparable to stumbling upon a beautiful orange blossom in the middle of a crisp, dry pine forest! Whether you experience that or not, it is perfectly matched with the rosemary & lemon-thyme flavours of the Mediterranean tonic.

Photo credit Tarquin’s Cornish Gin Facebook page.

Tarquin’s Blackberry Gin & Fever-Tree Sicilian Lemon Tonic

Tarquin’s Blackberry has a hint of Cornish wildflower honey which adds a sweetness that balances nicely with the sharp, refreshing lemon flavours in the tonic. The Sicilian Lemon Tonic can also be enjoyed as a long drink on its own.

Photo credit

Plymouth Gin & Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic

Plymouth Gin has been produced in the same distillery since 1793 making it the oldest British distillery still active today in its original location. It follows a traditional recipe with a rich aroma of juniper and notes of coriander & cardamom. The aromatic tonic blends angostora bark with pimento berry & ginger to create a unique flavour. Perhaps the most interesting and exciting combination on the list. Plus, it’s pink!

Photo credit Plymouth Gin Facebook page.

Find the latest gin trends on our bespoke Gin & Mixers menu. From Fresh & Floral to Juniper rich, we are certain you will find our perfect gin combination.