St Ives is renowned for its natural beauty, fascinating history and the unique, spellbinding quality of its light. All of these factors have drawn visitors and creatives of all kinds to this small fishing port for centuries.

take photos like a pro

Anyone who has visited St Ives has undoubtedly snapped dozens of photos of varying quality, more often than not a ‘point & click’ shot that is destined to stay buried on a memory card for ever more… if this is you, than you may benefit from joining a ‘100 Steps’ walking tour with Gavan Goulder, a St Ives based professional photographer, offering guidance, inspiration and use of a professional quality camera.   

100 steps

The tour is called 100 Steps and this is because every 100 steps, you will be encouraged to look around and take a photograph. This helps you see the world differently and make observations that you may usually miss, and also leads to the capture of unique photographs, ones that you would never think to take while strolling with your friends or family.

These wonderful walks will not only provide you with your own collection of professional quality photos, but provide you with tips and tricks that will push your landscape photography to the next level. How does that old saying go, ‘Give a person a fish and they can eat for a day, teach them how to fish and they can eat forever’? Something along those lines anyway…

There is nowhere more photogenic than St Ives, with its turquoise waters and fine sands, rugged coastline, winding cobbled lanes and quirky array of fisherman’s dwellings, so if you would like to learn how to capture these incredible settings in the most eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing way, then this tour is for you.

the tour

There will be a maximum of four people per tour, and each person will have full use of a professional camera, set up in a way that will make it as user friendly as possible, so there’ll be no fiddling with complicated equipment when inspiration strikes!

Walks start at 8am at the studio where Gavan will go through what to expect during the tour, show you how simple the camera is to use and then it’s off you go! Every 100 steps, you will all stop and take a picture, and then repeat.  By the end, you will have a unique set of pictures from fishing boats bobbing in the harbour, labyrinthine alleyways, cheeky seagulls, glistening seaweed, rugged, dramatic rocks and all of the other delights that this stunning location offers. Gavan will be with you, every step of the way, guiding you, answering any questions and helping you get the very best out of your camera, arming you with crucial knowledge for your own adventures in the future.

The tour takes three hours and by the end you will have a unique collection of around fifty photos. While you enjoy a bite to eat, Gavan will upload all of your pictures onto a gallery, and after lunch, you can go through your pictures and discuss what you’ve learned, asking any questions that may arise. Your favourite can be printed out and you can sign the print and frame it, your very own masterpiece for your wall at home!

book your tour

If you feel that your photography game could do with an upgrade, check out Gavan’s website and book your space (details below). Once your skills have developed (no pun intended!) there’ll be no stopping you!

To book your place, or for more information on 100 Steps photography tours, contact Gavin Goulder on 07956550173 or hello@gavangoulder
Cost is £75.00 per person

Website –

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