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Buy your own corner of Cornwall

Sea and sky blur. Wildflowers dance. Picnics beckon. Tales are told. This is how owning a holiday home in Cornwall should be. Welcome to Una St Ives.

Drawn from the talents of our people and crafted from the memory of those halcyon days we all cling to, we’ve built a managed site of property for sale St Ives style – infused with salt and sand and spirit.

And it's yours for the taking.

Open the door to a new kind of holiday home...

Pencils poised. Cobbled streets wandered. Wetsuits zipped. Wave-tangled hair whipped. From night time ambles beneath star speckled skies, to sunrise paddles that catch your breath, the world is different here.

Uncover St Ives

feel different

A splash of colour. A flood of light. Sofas to sink into. An embrace of texture. An experience that’s you all over.

Live and breathe Cornwall, inside and out. Chalky wave-washed whites or vibrant hues, nautical touches or tactile textures in soothing shades.

Discover a fresh way to holiday.